The Annual Petroleum & Chemical Automation Technology & Equipment and Instrumentation Event

Beijing International Petroleum & Chemical Automation Technology & Equipment and Instrumentation Exhibition



March 26-28,2025



◆ Oil & gas exploration, exploit, and production equipment
◆ Technology and equipment for geophysical exploration, well logging and drilling
◆ Industrial automation information technology software
◆ Intelligent oil and gas field Internet of things
◆ Intelligent identification, sensing, surveillance system
◆ Intelligent Oilfield Remote Diagnosis Technology
◆ Cloud computing, fuzzy recognition system
◆ Intelligent Oilfield Information Management System
◆ Analysis of Deep Digital Oilfield Data
◆ Intelligent Robot Application and Solution
◆ Workover Robot Application and Solution
◆ Industrial robot
◆ Automatic Control System (DCS PLC IPC)
◆ Delivery, welding production robot workstations
◆ Nondestructive testing instrument and equipment
◆ Oil and chemical industry instrument and equipment
◆ Industrial Information Technology and Software
◆ Intelligent instrument in storage and sales system
◆ Field bus
◆ Industrial Internet Communication and Security System
◆ Sensor wireless sensor network system
◆ Environmental water quality and sewage monitoring instrument
◆ Enterprise informationization system software
◆ Advanced control optimization management system
◆ Industrial control and monitoring
◆ Factory automation equipment
◆ Electric Automation
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